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Benny Mardones’ Into the Night


Not to mention Lucy Brown.

It’s not creepy to talk about what you want from your life, no matter how much other people want to make you believe that. Don’t ever design your life around the need NOT to be That Woman. Because our culture makes every fucking one of us into That Woman. We are That Woman when we refuse to take whatever is dished out at work, without complaint. We are That Woman when we cry at some moment deemed inappropriate by someone without a fucking soul who’s incapable of feeling human emotions in the first place. We are That Woman when we live alone and we adopt a cat, because we fucking like cats. We are That Woman whenever we dare to behave like regular human beings. Most of the good things in my life came out of being That Woman. Heather Havrilesky

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The day everything may well have all very gently gone straight to Hell.

Yeaaaaaahhhhhh.  (That fringe! Burn, baby, burn.)

… !

Cold sweat hot-headed believer. (over & over & over & over)

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